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Why use contract staff?

Contractors can provide essential support and guidance to your business in times of rapid growth or through transition periods. They have the niche skills and abilities to set up new, and develop existing, areas within your business.

Contractors, by their very nature, have a wealth of experience they can apply to your organisation throughout the implementation of a new process, or completion of a project.

They often specialise in niche areas so you can capitalise on their expertise when you need it most, without making a permanent commitment.

Depending on your organisation’s requirement, contractors offer a consultative approach that is tailored to your business, and goes above and beyond what an external supplier could offer.



Hiring a contractor will provide you and your business with flexibility.

Contractors can be available to start within a week, due to short or sometimes non-existent notice periods. This can help expedite tasks, get projects running behind schedule back on track, or immediately bolster internal expertise and upskill your workforce.

You can hire a contractor on a fixed-term basis. This could be to cover another staff member’s period of leave, or to undertake a specific, time-constrained task.

The benefits of hiring someone on a fixed-term contract include a pre-calculated cost, lower rates and greater commitment.


Specialised skill sets

Contractors have specialised skills that have been refined through their years of experience and completion of niche qualifications. Therefore, when a specialist contractor works a project, they are likely to complete it as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible compared to an existing employee, that might’ve been transferred from another part of your business.


Consultative approach

External contractors are often brought in to provide consultation on a product, process or area within a company. They provide your business with an independent opinion, with no agenda or bias, and offer an expert solution.


Legislative changes to IR35

With the proposed changes to the IR35 legislation coming in April 2020, you (as the hiring company), will be responsible for assessing whether a contract role that you hire for falls inside or outside of IR35.

Get this wrong and the result could be a fine from HMRC, along with the subsequent financial impact on your organisation.

Stream Resourcing offers support and training to our clients, so you will feel confident when assessing new, and existing, contract roles following the implementation of this legislation.

We tailor our contract recruitment services to fit your business needs. Whether you have a project starting soon, or one that is fast-approaching its deadline that you need more support for, we will search our extensive talent pool to find your perfect-fit.

Stream Resourcing also provides a Contractor Payroll Service. We process your contractors’ timesheets, holiday and enquiries, saving you time and expenditure, and allowing your staff to focus on their core functions.

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