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How we help your business

In competitive markets, it’s crucial to be innovative and creative when it comes to finding, attracting, and retaining permanent and contract staff. Here at Insignis, we have developed an attractive recruitment service to help you access a wide range of recruitment support to overcome your skills challenges. So whether you need help with contingent recruitment, retained search, an RPO, or a dedicated resourcing programme, our recruitment specialists can help you.

Our full spectrum and high-quality recruitment services can help you address any current skills shortages, whilst also helping you to ensure that you have the right talent in the right place, at the right time to facilitate continuous improvement, innovation, and business growth.

RPO/MSP Solutions

Often the procurement of contract workers can become hidden or decentralised within a business, leading to increased costs, poor compliance and unauthorised hiring. In these circumstances, a Managed Service Provision (MSP) can help.

At Insignis, our Managed Service Provision capability covers everything from recruitment and onboarding, to payroll, retention and controlled exiting.

If you are after an end-to-end recruitment process solution for direct hires and permanent staff through suppliers, then an RPO solution is what you will need.

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Contract Recruitment

In our sectors, we know that work is often project-based and that firms often need a flexible workforce. Contract recruitment solutions, sometimes called interim recruitment solutions, allows companies to not only adapt to changing business needs but also onboard temporary specialist skillsets.

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Permanent Recruitment

Struggling to attract high calibre talent into your organisation? At Insignis, our international recruitment specialists can work with you to not only attract permanent staff in the short-term but also work with you to ensure your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) or Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives. will ensure ongoing success.

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Dedicated Resourcing Programmes

Need help with a product launch, a new facility, or a manufacturing line?  Insignis can offer a bespoke programme to support you. These tailored programmes are built to your needs, whether that’s volume hires of the same skillset, a mixture of contract and permanent resources, or a whole team with different skillsets for one project.

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