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National Manufacturing Day 2023

Following the huge success of 2022’s National Manufacturing Day (NMD), this Thursday 28th September, manufacturers throughout the UK will be opening their doors to the general public. All are invited to visit factories and sites for a behind-the-scenes peek at how manufacturers’ facilities work. This UK-wide, Open Office event is organised by Make UK, the voice of the UK’s manufacturing industry.

Considering a career in manufacturing?

This is a great opportunity to see the potential careers and jobs on offer within the diverse manufacturing sector within your local area. All age groups are welcome – from school leavers, through graduates, to people at any stage of their working life looking to reskill. For manufacturers, this is their chance to showcase the fascinating work they do, the spread of roles within their businesses, and the incredible opportunities for reskilling and career progression.

Supported by Make UK, manufacturers are participating in numerous different ways, including:

  • Factory tours
  • Q&A sessions with employees
  • Career talks
  • Product showcasing
  • Virtual walk-throughs
  • Interactive activities
  • Competitions
  • Live online webinars

National Manufacturing Day aims to highlight the plethora of opportunities available across all the industry’s sectors, such as automotive, food and drink, aerospace, defence, chemical and pharma, and all our represented by the businesses taking part across the country. In particular, Make UK aims to highlight the benefits of taking up a manufacturing apprenticeship following school or college, as opposed to the university route.

To see all pledged employers and find one of the 150+ events taking place near you, follow the link to Make UK’s dedicated NMD site. If you’re an employer wondering how to get involved, there’s still time! All you need to do is decide how you’ll be participating then complete the simple template and submit.

If you’re a candidate looking for a role or more information about a company or sector but can’t make it on the day, get in touch with one of our specialist consultants, and we’ll be happy to explore our current opportunities with you or contact a particular company on your behalf.

Hiring in today’s market? Grab the advantage…

Are you hiring within the manufacturing, engineering and technology industry but not sure what talent is out there or where to find it? Insignis provides businesses with valuable market insights to help them make key, strategic hiring decisions. It’s essential for businesses to equip themselves with the critical data they need when:

  • Considering a new location – where is the talent you need?
  • Planning a key project requiring specific skills – what’s the availability like and how do you source it?
  • Developing their Employee Value Proposition – how does it compare to your competitors?


We can provide you with the following insights:

  • Jobs advertised vs candidates available
  • Candidates in geo-targeted locations
  • Average salary data and contractor rates
  • Salary variances based on experience level
  • Job title and career path analysis
  • Competitor salary and benefits benchmarking
  • Live job advert insights
  • Experience level breakdown
  • Granular candidate gender diversity

We talent map, discretely approach, competency assess and deliver exceptional candidates to help you meet your strategic business goals. We leverage numerous techniques that you won’t receive from a standard recruitment service. Speak to one of our Market Insights team today to find out how our solution can provide you with a competitive advantage in the candidate market.

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